WATCH: Country Singer Brad Paisley Whines to CNN About a Republican Trolling Him Over His Support For Ukraine

Country singer Brad Paisley appeared on CNN this week and whined about Republicans trolling him for his over-the-top support for Ukraine.

Paisley previously promoted vaccines alongside Jill Biden in Nashville.

The singer complained about a random Republican “troll” during an appearance on CNN’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.

Wallace began, “In April, you actually went to Kyiv. And you sang the song in St. Michael’s Square. And you did a video of the song that includes a conversation that you had with President Zelensky. Take a look.”

“Proceeds from the single go to a program called United 24 which helps rebuild homes in Ukraine that had been destroyed by the war. I mean, you’re really personally committed to this, aren’t you?” Wallace asked.

Paisley replied, “I really am. I just was affected so much in the beginning that the next thing you know, and this has been the story of my life — you write a song, and it winds up leaving you places you never expected. And so now having been there and taken the train ride and gone in, you know, in the cover of darkness and gone around the city and met people and watched as real life is happening in between the air raid sirens. Having seen that firsthand, I cannot believe that songwriting took me to a place like that.”

“Well, you were generous enough to bring your guitar with you. I’d love you to just play a little passage from Same Here that particularly makes the point you want to make,” Wallace requested.

Paisely sang a bit of the song before complaining about a random Twitter follower who called out his Ukraine obsession.

“Ironically, when the song came out, the day that came out on the one year anniversary, I was in California and I went to a bar in Summerland that’s called The Nugget,” Paisley began. “It’s one of my favorite bars in the world. It’s this country bar in Summerland California near the beach. And it was Ronald Reagan’s favorite bar. So I took a picture holding a beer saying you know, (here’s to the people of Ukraine.) Yeah, here’s to Ukraine, this was Reagan’s favorite bar and you know. And the first thing under it was a troll saying Reagan would never be for Ukraine. I was like, what?”

In 2021, Paisley teamed up with Jill Biden to promote COVID vaccines.

The Tennessean reported at the time, “Paisley toured the pop-up clinic at Biden’s side, then played a few songs and invoked the memory of Charley Pride, a legendary musician who died from the coronavirus last year.”

“If I had a time machine, I would go back to November, I would give him that vaccine, and he would be here,” Paisley said.

“Of course, we can’t do that,” he added. “All we have is the future. Let’s save whoever is next.”

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