Hands-free driving is becoming more popular — but is it safe?

Hands-free driving GIF
Image: GM

Raise your hand if you’ve tried one of those newfangled hands-free driver-assist systems. Now raise both hands. But for the love of god, keep your eyes on the road!

Love them or hate them, hands-free driving systems are becoming more prevalent on the road. Most major automakers offer hands-free driving as an option or a subscription, from GM’s Super Cruise to Ford’s BlueCruise to Nissan’s ProPilot. (Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) systems are not technically hands-free, a fact that annoys most Tesla owners to no end.)

But with more hands-free driving entering the realm of what’s possible, more risks inevitably come with it. Last week, GM launched a public education campaign to help customers better understand what…

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