Democrats Form New Plan to Reach White Working Class Voters – by Pushing More ‘Race and Equity’ Nonsense

Democrats have lost a lot of ground with white working class voters in recent years. In fact, that was one of the driving factors behind Trump’s victory in 2016.

Now Democrats have a new plan to win these voters back, by pushing the same divisive ‘race and equity’ nonsense that drove many of these voters away in the first place.

How exactly is this supposed to work?

Politico reports:

Dems launch a new effort to shore up white voters — by leaning into race

A new Democratic-aligned initiative — dubbed the White Stripe Project — has a novel idea for winning white working class voters back to the Democratic Party: lean more into talk of equity and race.

Organizers say traditional methods in wooing white voters are ineffective, often relying on knee-jerk recommendations from an elite group of Democrats that pushes a race-neutral economic message. White Stripe organizers say this approach is misguided. They are calling for a more targeted and data-driven approach that they argue will be a better return on investment.

The project has plans to build a robust infrastructure to attract white voters who are open to Democratic messaging but who are less likely to vote. Once identified, organizers are betting with targeted messaging and pinpoint engagement that enough of these voters will show up for the party at the ballot box.

“White voters have disproportionate political power,” Erin Heaney, Executive Director of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) told organizers during the Monday afternoon launch of the project. “We need a strategy for engaging and organizing them alongside communities of color.”

This is only going to work on one type of white voter. Left wing whites who already vote Democrat.

Seriously, how do Democrats think this is going to go over with the millions of white working class voters who have already walked away from the race-obsessed Democrats in disgust?

Let them run with this.

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