Judge Warns Trump Against Witness Tampering, Threatens to Issue Arrest Warrant

Former President Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News Bret Baier.

US Magistrate Judge Moxila Upadhyaya warned Trump against witness tampering as part of his release conditions.

President Trump entered the Elijah Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in DC on Thursday on a new set of garbage charges.

Trump was hit with 4 counts in Jack Smith’s January 6 case: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

Jack Smith’s latest indictment is a retread J6 committee garbage, free speech violations by the Biden DOJ who should know better, and ESP-like assumptions and mind-reading nonsense.

The judge echoed Liz Cheney and the sham January 6 Committee.

Recall, the January 6 Committee attempted to weave a ‘witness tampering’ narrative last year in an effort to indict Trump.

Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney said the witness did not take Trump’s call and instead told their lawyer about Trump’s attempt to speak with them.

“After our last hearing. President Trump tried to call a witness in our investigation. A witness you have not yet seen in these hearings,” Cheney said last year.

“That person declined to answer or respond to President Trump’s call and instead alerted their lawyer to the call. Their lawyer alerted us. And this committee has supplied that information to the Department of Justice,” Cheney added.

“Let me say one more time, we will take any effort to influence witness testimony very seriously,” she warned.

The judge on Thursday warned Trump against bribing or influencing witnesses in a nod to the January 6 Committee.

Judge Upadhyaya informed Trump that if he violates the conditions of his release an arrest warrant may be issued for him.

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