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Amazon’s latest Kindle is matching its Prime Day price for a limited time

A close-up image of a pair of hands placing Amazon’s 11th-gen Kindle in a purse.
Amazon’s ad-supported e-reader is down to $64.99 for the rest of today. | Image: Amazon

Happy Saturday, readers! It feels like just yesterday that Amazon was unleashing what felt like a never-ending deluge of discounts and deals as part of its annual Prime Day event. And although the two-day affair is certainly over, some retailers are already bringing back Prime Day pricing on a host of items. Take Best Buy and Target as an example, both of which are selling Amazon’s ad-supported Kindle for just $64.99 ($35 off), its lowest price to date.

Amazon’s newest entry-level Kindle is, in many ways, a budget version of the most recent Kindle Paperwhite from 2021. The e-reader packs a 6-inch display with crisp 300ppi resolution, as well as easier access to ePub files and a USB-C port for relatively fast charging (finally). The…

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