HORROR: Top NYC Cancer Doc Kills Herself and Her 4-Month-Old Baby

A top New York City cancer doctor killed herself and her 4-month-old baby on Saturday.

Dr. Krystal Cascetta, a 40-year-old oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, shot her infant daughter and then turned the gun on herself Saturday morning.

According to the New York Post, cops and ambulances were called to Dr. Cascetta’s home at least twice this summer before she shot dead her baby and took her own life.

Cascetta’s parents were inside the home at the time of the homicide/suicide.

New York State Police said that “the scene is consistent with a murder/suicide.”

According to police, someone from inside of Dr. Cascetta’s home dialed 911.

Cascetta’s husband, 37-year-old Tim Talty, was not home at the time of the homicide/suicide.

The New York Post reported:

Cops were called to the home of Dr. Krystal Cascetta at least twice before she shot dead her 4-month-old daughter and fatally turned the gun on herself, an upstate neighbor told The Post on Sunday — as it surfaced the oncologist’s parents were in the house at the time of the slay-suicide horror.

“They had ambulances and police come to their house two, maybe three times this summer. At least twice,” recalled neighbor Bob Stuart, 71, who lives near the 40-year-old cancer doctor’s million-dollar home in Somers, Westchester County. “I saw the police and ambulances arrive.”

It’s not clear why cops and an ambulance were repeatedly called to the stately property.

The development came as chilling new details surfaced about the tragedy.

Someone from inside the home called 911, said State Trooper Steven Nevel, according to NBC News.

The person heard the first gunshot but thought something had just fallen, Nevel said. Then they heard the second gunshot before they could reach the room to make sure everything was OK and found the door locked, the cop said.

They broke down the door and found the doctor and her baby dead, Nevel said.

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