Google’s Arts & Culture app adds AI-generated poem postcards

A photo showing an AI-generated poem in Google’s Arts & Culture app
Image: Google

Google has launched a new tool that lets you create AI-generated poem postcards based on a piece of artwork and a subject of your choice. The addition of poem postcards comes as part of Google’s broader redesign of its Arts & Culture app and its rollout of generative AI features across its other services, like text creation in Docs and the ability to generate code with AI in Sheets.

Poem postcards live within Google’s Arts & Culture app and website, where you can choose from various types of poems to generate, including a sonnet, limerick, ode, elegy, haiku, and others. The AI will base the contents of the poem on the subject you type into the generator, like “ocean” or “spring,” as well as the painting you want on the cover of the…

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