A STAR IS BORN: Amateur Country Singer Goes Viral With AMAZING Song (VIDEO)

Oliver Anthony is just a regular guy from Virginia. You won’t see him on MTV or American Idol.

And yet, he has been noticed by people all over the country for an amazing song that he recently posted on social media.

It’s called ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ and it speaks to America’s forgotten men and women.

Here’s more from Whiskey Rif:

Virginia Native Oliver Anthony Makes Powerful Debut “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

An overnight sensation… Oliver Anthony is going to be a name you want to know.

Residing on 90 acres in Farmville, VA, with his three dogs and pursuing and off the grid life, Oliver Anthony writes songs in his free time, but has the talent to make it what he does full-time.

Anthony’s sound is the perfect rebirth of traditional sound. His vocals are reminiscent of Hank Williams Jr. and Ward Davis with a little more twang, and the tradition of outlaw lyrics is alive and well in his songs.

In his acoustic session of “Rich Men North of Richmond,” he tells the story of a working-class man fed up with corporate America and more specifically, the politicians in Washington DC, and the game that executives expect the character to play.

It sends the message of a giant middle finger to the powers that be from an employee just trying to make it by.

“I’ve been selling my soul
Working all-day
Overtime hours, bullshit pay
So I can sit out here
And waste my life away…”

Listen to the song below, this is fantastic:

It looks like he is already getting offers!

This guy has a bright future ahead of him.

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