Forza Motorsport on PC includes DLSS, FSR 2, and DirectStorage support

An image showing two cars on a racetrack in Forza Motorsport
Image: Xbox

Microsoft has shared the minimum PC specs you’ll need to play Forza Motorsport when it’s released on October 10th. While it looks like it’ll be playable across a range of PCs (in addition to Xbox Series X / S consoles), you’ll still need some high-end specs if you want to play the game on ultra settings.

Forza Motorsport can run at native resolutions up to 4K “and beyond,” as it also supports ultrawide resolutions. The game lets you leverage Nvidia’s DLSS 2 and AMD’s FSR 2.2 upscaling technologies. But if you’re looking for DLSS 3 support (or DLSS 3.5, now), a blog post says, “We will continue to optimize and improve Forza Motorsport on PC after launch.”

Additionally, it offers shader pre-compilation and pre-caching that should mitigate…

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