Rock Legend Alice Cooper Condemns ‘Fad’ of Indulging Children in Transgenderism

Alice Cooper recently criticized the idea of allowing children to be transgender, calling it a fad and saying that it is confusing for kids.

Cooper may have indulged in some gender bending in his act over the years, but the point is that it was just that, an act, done for entertainment purposes.

It turns out that Cooper is actually a little bit of a conservative.

Billboard reported:

Alice Cooper Calls Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Kids a ‘Fad,’ Condemns ‘the Whole Woke Thing’

While he may be best known as one of the gender-bending faces of the shock rock movement, Alice Cooper revealed that he’s not in favor of real gender-affirming care.

In a new interview with Stereogum, the 75-year-old rock star shared his opinions about best-practice medical care for transgender youth, saying that he was “afraid that it’s also a fad.” Using common anti-trans talking points to elaborate, the star said that he felt children were not mature enough to make major decisions about their gender identity.

“I find it wrong when you’ve got a 6-year-old kid who has no idea. He just wants to play, and you’re confusing him telling him, ‘Yeah, you’re a boy, but you could be a girl if you want to be,’” he said. “I mean, if you identify as a tree … I’m going, ‘Come on! What are we in, a Kurt Vonnegut novel?’ It’s so absurd, that it’s gone now to the point of absurdity.”…

The “School’s Out” singer even shared anti-trans rhetoric about access to public bathrooms, claiming that allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity would lead to violent crimes. “A guy can walk into a woman’s bathroom at any time and just say, ‘I just feel like I’m a woman today’ and have the time of his life in there,” Cooper said. “He’s just taking advantage of that situation … Somebody’s going to get raped.”

Critics have already come after Alice Cooper for these comments and he got dropped from a business deal.

Good for him for standing up and speaking out anyway. It’s a shame that more people of influence haven’t done the same.


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