NASA’s Crew-7 mission launched four astronauts to the ISS

A screenshot of the Falcon-9 rocket lifting off.
The Falcon-9 launches NASA’s Crew-7 mission into space. | Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center this morning at 3:27AM ET, NASA announced today. The rocket pushed four astronauts on NASA’s Crew-7 mission into orbit before the Crew Dragon capsule they were aboard docked with the International Space Station (ISS) at 9:16AM ET.

The mission carried astronauts from four countries to the ISS — Jasmin Moghbeli of NASA, the European Space Agency’s Andreas Mogensen, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Satoshi Furakawa, and Konstantin Borisov, a Russian cosmonaut. After the Dragon spacecraft — named Endurance — autonomously docked with the ISS, it brought the station’s crew number up to 11. In a few days, the three members of the previous NASA mission, Expedition 69, will…

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