CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! The “Save Our Electors Telethon” Raises Over $120,000 for the 16 Trump Electors Who Are Being Persecuted in Michigan! Great Job Everyone!

UPDATE: The “Save Our Electors” telethon raised over $120,000 for the 16 Michigan alternative electors who are being unjustly persecuted by the tyrannical authorites in Lansing, Michigan today.

The GiveSendGo campaign raised over $108,000. With matching and other commitments the total collected was over $120,000!

Thank you!

** And you can continue to donate here.

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The Gateway Pundit is broadcasting the LIVE telethon to help fund the legal fees of the MI GOP electors who’ve been wrongfully charged with EIGHT felonies each for the crime of casting an ALTERNATE slate of electoral votes for President Trump in 2020:

15 of the 16 Michigan electors have hired private counsel and need OUR HELP to pay their legal fees. One of the electors, 73-year-old Michelle Lundgren, is working with a public defender.

You can call in the telethon: 1-888-403-8550

Please DONATE HERE: https://www.givesendgo.com/Michiganelectors

The following electors have been charged with eight felonies each. Their lawyers will be receiving the funds collected during the telethon that will be split up evenly between all 15 defendants:

1st row from top left: John Haggard, 82 (US veteran), Kathy Berden, 70 (a widow whose husband died of COVID)  , Marian Sheridan, 69 (retired, lives with retired LEO husband of 43 yrs, 5 children and 12 grandchildren),  Kurt Vanderwood, 69, (Mayor of Wyoming, MI), Stanley Grot 71, (Shelby, MI City Clerk who has been relieved of his duties related to elections over the charges)

2nd row from left: Amy Fachinello, 55 (wife and mother of two college students who is currently being recalled by her school board for the crime of being a conservative), Mari Ann Henry, 65 (Mother and grandmother), Cliff Frost, 75, Rose Rook, 81, Hank Choate, 72, (a dairy farmer).

3rd row from left: Maya Rodriguez, 64, (a lawyer who is facing potential disciplinary proceedings with the Attorney Discipline Board), James Renner, 76, (retired MI State Police Officer), Meshawn Maddock, 55, (proud mother, grandmother, and wife) Ken Thompson, 68, (Photographer and husband), Timothy King, 56.

Only one thing stands between life in jail for these 16 innocent Americans and freedom—an honest judge, jury, and YOU!

Without your financial support and vocal opposition to these felony charges against these 16 electors, who are the first group to be criminally charged by their lawless attorney general, Dana Nessel, these volunteers and pillars of their communities could be spending the rest of their lives in jail! This persecution of Trump supporters across America will not stop. There is already talk of doing the same thing to even more innocent everyday individuals in multiple swing states who are being charged for casting ALTERNATE electoral votes for President Trump! This needs to stop now! Please help us to help them fight back against these horribly unjust charges.

Thank you for your support!

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