‘Stacy on the Right’ Interviews the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump (AUDIO)

Stacy Washington recently interviewed President Donald Trump to chat about his family, what drives him to continue on in the face of such evil opposition, as well as a lighthearted discussion of his favorite things.

Decorated Air Force Veteran Stacy Washington is the author of the book “Eternally Cancel Proof: A Guide for Courageous Christians Navigating the Political Battlefront”  and host of Stacy on the Right, on Patriot Channel 125, airing 9 pm to midnight ET, Monday through Friday on SiriusXM.

Stacy served as co-chairwoman of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research.  Stacy served as Co-Chair of Black Voices for Trump, and a Board Member of Veterans for Trump.

Donald Trump during the interview:

We are heading down toward World War III because we have an incompetent president that has no idea what he’s doing. He’s got no sense of anything. I mean, you watch him. He can’t put two sentences together, and we could very well end up in World War III. And that would be a war like no other because of the weaponry. And it’s a very sad thing.

We would have never been in Ukraine if I was president. That horrible election where we got more votes than any other president in history, any sitting president, nobody’s ever gotten anywhere close to that and we “lost the election.” But we would never be in Ukraine. We wouldn’t have a problem with China right now. We wouldn’t have a problem in terms of Taiwan. Things would be going much differently. Iran wouldn’t be where they are. We would have worked a deal with Iran that was going to happen. We were going to have a deal done very quickly with Iran. It would have been good for everybody.

And now you look at our world, it’s a very dangerous place. And our cities are being eaten alive by crime. They’re being eaten alive. Our country is dying from within, and it’s dying from the outside. And we’re no longer respected as a nation, all because of a bad president.

Listen here:


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