White Buses with No Logos or Insignia Release Hundreds of Illegal Aliens to City Street in San Diego (VIDEO)

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were released on a street in San Diego, California on Thursday. Three unmarked white buses pulled up along 30th Street near the Iris Avenue Trolley Station and let them loose. According to reports, some of the illegals released in San Diego were from China, Pakistan, and even the Republic of Georgia!

One of the illegals asked a border patrol agent, “Is it ok if I go to Chicago, no arrest?” The Border Patrol agent replied, “You are free to go.”

Many of these illegals are military-aged men, which will guarantee a surge in crimes like theft and assault.

“These are Biden’s buses, not Texas,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.


Via Border Report:

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Three white buses with no insignia or logos pulled up along 30th Street across from the Iris Avenue Trolley Station in South San Diego. Within minutes, hundreds of men and women started to unload.

One vendor in the area, who said he normally sells burritos and sodas to trolley commuters, stated this is not the first time he has seen this happen this week.

The people coming off the buses were all asylum seekers recently processed at Border Patrol stations in San Diego.

A few Border Patrol agents stood outside and made sure everyone disembarked in an orderly and safe fashion.

Within minutes, migrants scattered, although some did hang around trying to figure out where they were and how to leave the area.

Border Report encountered a small group of migrants from China, three men from the Republic of Georgia and two ladies from Pakistan.

The Department of Homeland Security is literally referring to the release of illegal aliens as “freedom runs.” With that kind of wording, that screams of the intention to flood our Nation with illegals.

San Diego isn’t the only place this is happening. In Arizona’s Tucson sector, there are also mass releases going on. They cross over the border there and are released into the population, only to disappear throughout the country.

Earlier this week Gateway had reported about a massive group of illegals marching into Lukeville, Arizona through the Southern Border. In one day, 2,000 illegals were caught by the Border Patrol in the Tucson sector.

A daily invasion of our Southern Border with no concern for our safety or sovereignty. Some may dismiss it as incompetence, but truthfully, it’s a deliberate plan to destroy the US and its citizens.

A video obtained by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin shows a massive group of illegal aliens crossing the US border through Lukeville, Arizona Tuesday night. Melugin said that according to his sources at Customs And Border Protection, the Border Patrol caught over 2,000 illegals in the Tucson area alone that day. Over 140 of them were from Senegal, and some others were from Ghana, Mauritania and Sudan.


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