Mayor of ‘Sanctuary City’ of Los Angeles Says She is Fearful of Planes Full of Illegals Arriving (VIDEO)

Los Angeles is supposedly a sanctuary city, but you’d never know it by listening to Mayor Karen Bass.

During a recent interview, she claimed that border state leaders are only sending illegal immigrants to make Democrat governors and mayors look bad.

That statement is ridiculous enough on its own, but then she went on to say that she is afraid of planes full of illegal immigrants arriving. Why? Isn’t that what being a sanctuary city is all about?

The Daily Wire reports:

L.A. Mayor Says City ‘Welcomes Immigrants’ But She’s ‘Fearful’ Planes Of Illegal Aliens Will Start Coming ‘Any Day’

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass says her city welcomes illegal aliens, yet she admits she is afraid they could be airlifted into her city by the planeload at any moment.

On Thursday, Bass — the mayor of a soon-to-be Sanctuary City — stated, “We live in a city that welcomes immigrants, and so I think we have been able to handle it, but I am fearful that any day, planes could start coming.”

Bass was referring to busloads and planes of illegal aliens sent by Governors Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) to liberal cities and districts in recent years. What Bass, and other liberals, neglect is that the Biden administration has shipped illegal immigrants around the country as well via taxpayer-funded flights, as exposed by The Daily Wire.

Here’s the video:

What part of ‘sanctuary city’ does Bass not understand?

These liberal mayors and governors are all about sanctuary when it’s just words and virtue signaling.

When it comes to reality, they change their tune.

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