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Petty Tyrants In DC Gulag Spin COVID Torture (VIDEO)

Jail guards, correctional officers, and even the Director of Strategic Communications at the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility struggled to provide The Gateway Pundit an explanation for why J6 political prisoners are back in quarantine, locked in their 8 by 12 cells 24/7.

As TGP reported, jail guards commanded inmates in the “patriot pod” of the DC gulag to return to their cells on Thursday for roll call, an emergency command that orders all Prisoners to stand in the doorways of their cells.

The inmates were then reportedly told they would be locked in their cells for the foreseeable future because…Covid has suddenly and remarkably made a comeback.

Several J6 political prisoners, who have been unconstitutionally held hostage in pre-trial detention years, messaged this reporter asking for help and called on Gateway Pundit readers to continue to put pressure on the petty tyrants who operate the jail.

The political prisoners shined a bright light on the cruel and unusual torture inmates were subjected to in the DC gulag throughout the government’s murderous Covid mandates in 2021 and 2022.

Under the guise of “quarantine,” political prisoners are prohibited from contact visitation, lawyer meetings, haircuts, regular showers, and religious services.

Inmates were previously locked in “the hole” for over a year for refusing deadly experimental covid gene-editing “vaccinations.”

Quarantine is also an excuse for public servants employed with the DC CTF to deprive inmates of food.

Correctional officers fabricated and obfuscated the facts in numerous calls with The Gateway Pundit when pressed on whether Covid regulations are being reinstituted in the gulag.

“If they have Covid, no one can see them,” an Officer who said her name is Clinkscale told TGP.

“Just because you a visitor,” she retorted,” what makes you think you supposed to see them?”

Inmates warn they are being held locked in their cells 24/7, in quarantine, for refusing to comply with Covid testing.

“I am not familiar with [the Covid lockdown],” the jail officer claimed, adding, “There’s no restrictions with those who do not have Covid — they wouldn’t be on the unit.”

Pressed for additional information about the jail’s practice of Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Covid regulations, Officer [Clinkscale] hung up the phone.

Incompetent petty tyrants run the deep state’s bureaucracy.


Another employee with the DC Department of Corrections, Major [Marr], insists the political prisoners are lying about guards locking them in their cells 24/7 and the unit’s reinstitution of totalitarian Covid torture.

“Mam — mam! Mam! Mam! I’ve answered the same question multiple times, I don’t know how many ways you want to hear it,” Major [Marr] chided on a call with TGP.

“They are on medical quarantine, they are on modified recreation, they receive their meals. They just cannot have visits,” she claimed.

J6 defendants question why they are not permitted “video visitation” with their families from their tablets, a luxury inmates in other cell blocks are afforded.

“I don’t know why they are not having video visits, if they have a tablet, they have access to video visits. Maybe they don’t have money in their account,”Major [Marr] angrily shot back when pressed for visitation details.

“Mam! Mam! Mam! Mam!” Marr repatedly interjected.

“If you put money in their accounts and they have a tablet, they should be able to have video visits. Call this number back and you should speak to the visitation officer,” Marr continued before hanging up the phone in haste.

Political prisoner Jake Lang called TGP to thank the American public for, at least momentarily, putting a halt on the Covid lockdown.

“All the phone calls you guys did really put a lot of pressure on the administration — so they let us out of our cells yesterday morning because of all the phone calls,” he said. “That was a big victory.”


Lang described the “arbitrary tyranny” J6ers have endured in DC jail throughout the Covid-1984 takeover:

I got here Feb. 4, 2021. I’ve been through it all here. One time they asked us on Jan. 5, they asked everyone to take a covid test, half of us that didn’t take the test were locked in our cells for 14 days. They let us out every 4 or 5 days to shower, for refusing.

[Guards] told us in the beginning that you and your family member both had to be vaccinated in order for you to visit, to see your family here –that was after 15 months in here not being able to see our families when we first got here,” he said. “A few guys here got the shot here, and [correctional officers] still said they couldn’t see their family members. 

They get their rocks off by breaking people, making people take vaccines — making them do this, making them do that. But we have a faith in God that is unbreakable. If we remain strong on that, there is nothing that they can do to us. They may be able to imprison your and your body, but never your soul and your spirit.

Zachary Rehl, a J6 political prisoner who was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week, had hopes of finally meeting his daughter for the first time on Friday. His wife was 6 months pregnant when Rehl was dragged from their home in a predawn raid and terrorized by FBI agents.

Zach has only seen his daughter in photographs since she was born.

After enduring 17 months in solitary confinment, Rehl was released from the Alexandria Detention Facility in June and transferred to a Lewisberg, Pennsylvania prison.

Rehl’s wife traveled to Lewisburg with their now 2-year-old daughter prepared for her to meet her dad for the first time.


When Mrs. Rhel arrived at the jail, she was notified her husband had been transferred to the DC Gulag and housed again in solitary confinement.

Amid another “quarantine” lockdown fiasco, it appears the US government is hellbent on barring Zach from meeting his 2-year-old, Mrs. Rehl told TGP In an exclusive interview.




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