Rep. Matt Gaetz Dismisses NBC’s Claim on 2026 Florida Governor Run as “Overblown Clickbait” in Comments to Gateway Pundit

In a statement to The Gateway Pundit on Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) dismissed an NBC News report suggesting he is widely expected to run for Governor of Florida in 2026. Gaetz called the NBC story “overblown clickbait,” emphasizing that his current focus is not on a gubernatorial run but on legislative matters in swamp Washington, D.C.

The report, published on September 18, 2023, suggested that Gaetz is on the shortlist of candidates expected to seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Florida in 2026.

The report cited conversations in Tallahassee and observations from a reception held for the incoming Speaker of the Florida House, Miami Republican state Representative Danny Perez.

According to anonymous sources who attended the event, Gaetz was seen “kind of holding court” and strongly implied several times that he would be running for governor.

“There was a lot of talk about it at the reception last night, and Gaetz was telling people to basically expect him to be in,” one longtime Florida Republican lobbyist told NBC News.

According to Gaetz, his primary political focus at the moment is on the upcoming 2024 presidential election and supporting Donald Trump. He has been a vocal backer of Trump and has been critical of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for not pushing spending cuts that Gaetz and other congressional conservatives want as part of a deal to avoid a government shutdown.

In a statement to The Gateway Pundit, Gaetz clarified, “The NBC story is overblown clickbait. I ran into dozens of former colleagues from my days in the state legislature. They encouraged me relentlessly to consider returning to Florida. I wasn’t focused on any of that talk, though. My sole mission right now is to kill the [Byron] Donalds CR that funds Ukraine, Jack Smith, and a weaponized Biden government.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz made it clear that he will not support the Continuing Resolution (CR) proposed by fellow Florida Republican, Rep. Byron Donalds. Gaetz’s opposition stems from concerns over taxpayer funding for Ukraine and lack of fiscal responsibility in the federal budget.

The draft continuing resolution would extend current funding through October 31st to avoid a government shutdown.

During his speech on the House Floor on Monday, Gaetz outlined his objections to the Donalds CR.

“Mr. Speaker, I’m not voting for a continuing resolution,” said Gaetz. “I’m not voting to continue the failure and the waste and the corruption and the election interference and in some cases, the efforts that could lead this country into World War III. I oppose the CR authored by my friend and colleague from Florida, Byron Donalds. The Donalds CR continues the Ukraine policy negotiated by Speaker Pelosi and Mitch McConnell in the omnibus that conservatives were against.”


Rep. Donalds argued that the 30-day CR does two things: “Secure the southern border and cut government spending by 8%.” He emphasized there is no Ukraine funding.

Gaetz responded, “The 8 percent cut is for 30 days. The border policy will be ignored by Biden. This CR funds the election interference of Jack Smith. This is a terrible bill, lumping the funding of disparate agencies of government into one BAD VOTE. This isn’t what we fought for in January. It is the opposite. And it doesn’t have the votes.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) refuted Donalds’ claim, stating, “Your CR funds Section C and Section K of Public Law 117-328. It funds Ukraine in multiple sections, including 2 funds with no specified dollar amount that leaves the spending up to Biden. Billions more could end up being sent to Ukraine with your CR!”

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