J6 Political Prison Barry Ramsey: ‘I am on a Mission to Expose the DOJ for Their Prosecutorial Misconduct’

The Gateway Pundit reported in August that J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson in prison.  In a letter to TGP, Barry sounded the alarm on the abuse he and other J6 defendants are enduring from bigoted correction officers while being detained for nearly two years.

Barry shared, “What we the Jan6ers went through at Northern Neck Regional Jail was egregious on so many levels that I’m not sure I have enough ink in my pen or pages in my notebook to list them all. I will do my best to give you, the reader, a shorter and more condensed version of it all. Just know that trying to explain what Northern Neck was like to someone who has never been there, is like trying to explain the color red to a blind person. The amount of psychological, physical, and constitutional abuses that occurred behind those walls is horrific.”

Barry shared the following update with The Gateway Pundit:

You always hear “the system is corrupt” and “the system is broken”. In fact, it is said so much that it has become a watered-down cliché. Almost a meaningless cluster of words that are subconsciously accepted to be tried and true. Andonce you find yourself seated on the Scales of Justice with the finger of the DOJ on the opposite side of you, you will see firsthand how true those statements actually are.

It all started for me when I was arrested by the FBI in April of 2022. Back in January 6th 2021, I, like many others of my country folk, participated in a protest in Washington D.C. That day, we came from many walks of life, from many parts of the country, for many different reasons.

Some came to challenge the results of the 2020 Election. Some came to only hear president Trump speak. And if youwere like me, you went for one reason and one reason only. To protect women, children and elderly from left wing radical hooligans whom spent the last 4 years attacking those kinds of people if they dared to wear a red hat bearing the statement “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

None of us went there to riot, engage in an armed insurrection, attack police officers or overthrow the government. Yet,these are what labels the Department of Justice along with their counterparts on CNN & MSNBC would claim to the American people.

In fact where I was located, we were peacefully singing the National Anthem before Capitol police started shooting rubber bullets and lobbing concussion grenades at our heads.

At my first hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I would get my first glimpse on not only the Unconstitutional behaviorof the DOJ but the lengths they will go to lie to create false narratives to produce the outcomes they desire with the judges that work for them as well.

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Before you have a bond hearing to determine whether you are to remain in jail or be released prior to your trial, you meet with a person who calculates certain factors to make that determination such as criminal history, do you have ahome, do you have family support, do you have a job, are you a flight risk, are you a threat to society, so on and so forth.

Prior to my bond hearing I met with a woman who calculated those factors as they pertain to me. She determined that Imore than qualify for pre trial release. And recommended that I await trial at home, not from the confines of jail.

Well that didn’t work for the DOJ. Not when they could illegally influence the judge to produce the outcome they want. After the judge read out loud the recommended pretrial release for myself, the DOJ was ready to intervene.

The judge hit a button so her conversation could not be heard and a woman walked up to her from the back of the roomholding a single piece of paper. The judge would state the lie that a second report was done and I was determined to be a threat to society. Bond denied.

I was beside myself. Not only had, moments ago, the DOJ called me a domestic terrorist but I have watched for years now like many of you, this same DOJ release rapists, murderers, car jackers, drug dealers, all so they could quickly reoffend. Most, if not all, with prior convictions. Surely, they would not deny bond for someone with no criminal convictions, right? Wrong! I was guilty of the worst crime of all, according tothis DOJ. I was a straight, white, Christian male who voted for Trump, also known to this DOJ as a domestic terrorist. Hearing them call me that would be the first time I would come to know what a true broken heart would feel like.

The DOJ has a vested interest in having someone remain behind bars pending trial. In jail, all your phone conversations are recorded. They get to hear everything you say. They get to hear your defense, you’re strategies. And as they were caught red handed in other January 6th cases, calls with your attorney.

It was at this time that I was informed of two things. 1. I was being extradited to the DC area. 2. I was being charged with criminal enhancement of obstruction of justice, threatening an FBI investigator. This was probably the most egregious lie told on my case by the DOJ and the FBI, but it was far from the only one.

Back in February, one month after January 6th, 2021, I retained a lawyer. I knew I had to answer some questions, face being charged and I was more than willing to do whatever I had to do to make it right with society. I was even willing to turn myself in but was advised not to by my attorney at that time. Almost a year later the time we always knew would come, finally came.

My frantic fiancée informed me the FBI had come to our house and had a picture they wanted to review, so they left a business card with her that she promptly provided to my attorney.

My lawyer then informed me he spoke to the special agent in charge. He said they were aware that I had representation and when they needed to speak with me they would call him, my lawyer, if needed. And they would not reach out to me directly.

After some time went by, one day, I was at my job busy at work when a co-worker of mine came to me and said “Do you know a Ryan so & so, they are on line one, they say they are a close family friend of yours?” Confused, not knowing anyone by that name, I went to the phone only to find no one was there. Being that no one ever calls my job for me and I did not know who this person was, I thought this could mean only one thing. I was being doxxed.

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When you have spent time like I have attending different Pro-America, Anti-mask and Anti-Vax Mandate gatherings providing security for protesters, you always know it can happen to you.

Some purple haired person with 10 face piercings that lives at home with their parents at age 32 will put up all your private and personal information on the internet so other people like them who support Hillary Clinton and think Rosie O’Donnell would make a fine president, will harass you at your job and cause you to lose it. Being that I liked my job I was not going to let this happen easily.

I got the number that called from the caller ID and did a reverse look up of the number. I was able to find the address, and some other personal info just in a basic search on the internet. I called the number and recited some personal info of theirs in the hopes that it would deter them from harassing me at my place of work.

 About 2 days later I get a call from my attorney to come in to his office where he would inform me that the specialagent in charge was accusing me of threatening him. That’s right, it was the FBI agent that called my job and said he was a “close family friend” of mine.

Not only was it a deciding factor of the judge denying my bond, multiple news articles would be done on me falsely stating that I threatened an FBI agent. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the truth is not something this DOJ is interested in. Instead for over a year they would tell my judge and the American public that I threatened that agent.

Only after the agent testified under oath that he did not identify himself when he called my job did this DOJ, in the 11 hour, the night before my sentencing hearing decide to drop that sentencing Enhancement and admit that for one year,they sat on evidence that by way of a text message, proved my innocence.

But the damage was done. The judge heard for a whole year I had done that. And so did the American Public. Put simply, it didn’t happen.

The DOJ would tell multiple lies on my case and partake in what one can only call Prosecutorial Misconduct.

They told blatant and outright lies at my sentencing claiming that I pulled a gun my mother’s landlord and that I had phone calls that they never played, that told them I was not sorry for my actions. All lies that, by law, they did not haveto prove at a sentencing hearing. For it is written in law that they can render “hearsay” testimony. They didn’t have to prove what they say. Put another way. The DOJ has a license to lie.

The FBI harassed my fiancée, who was not at the capital, when she left town to come visit me in early 2023. They toldher neighbors they were friends of hers in attempt to do an illegal search of our home. They lied many times in my case and it is my firm belief in many others as well.

I am now on a mission to expose the DOJ for their Prosecutorial misconduct. I went to a bench trial on my case and was able to have some success. I was found not guilty on the more serious charges. My case was the first to be ruled that way. It should help many others in the near future.

I am in the process of appealing one of the charges I was found guilty of. Again hoping to help many others in this situation. I am also in the process of opening a lawsuit against the DOJ in hopes of exposing the lies andUnconstitutional tactics they use to tip the scales of justice against the American people. But your help is needed.

This experience has cost my family greatly. While they have received some support from good people like you it has still left us financially crippled. But I will not be deterred.

 Although I most likely will not see any time off my 5 year sentence and at some point may go hungry, even throughsolitary confinement, I will not stop fighting for truth and justice here in America.

If I am successful in my appeal (and the law is on my side) and am able to obtain through the Freedom of InformationAct what I hope to obtain, I will not only go on to help many other J6ers who have been egregiously over charged, but stop the DOJ from their Prosecutorial misconduct on all Americans.

Calling on “We the People”. Will you help? I will not be silenced, none the less. Help fight for equal justice under the law no matter who you are or who you vote for. Please help by donating to our legal fund and sharing this article.

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