ABC News Takes Down Video of GOP Analyst Citing ABC’s Own Poll on Democrats Being Stuck With Biden Due to Old and Weak Bench

A video of Republican commentator Sarah Isgur speaking about the weakness of the Democrats’ presidential bench in a panel discussion on ABC News This Week was deleted from a post on X Twitter under the official This Week account.

Isgur had observed that the Democrat leadership is old and that the younger Democrats are thought by Democrat voters to not be ready for prime time. The post is still up with the now deleted video and has over 1.4 million views.

Isgur, a former Trump DOJ spokeswoman, cited a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that has President Trump beating Joe Biden 52 percent to 42 percent that also shows nearly two-thirds of Democrats do not want the 80-year-old Biden to run again but that Democrats have no one in the wings that they want to replace Biden on the ticket, with Kamala Harris topping the field at just 8 percent..

Republican commentator Sarah Isgur on ABC News This Week, September 17, 2023, screen image.

Excerpt from the ABC News report on the poll:

…A remarkable 62% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the party should pick someone other than Biden as its nominee in 2024; just a third back Biden. Desire for a different candidate is at a numerical high, but also consistent with past results (56 to 58%) the past year.

Who, if not Biden, is an open question. In an open-ended question, 8% express a preference for Kamala Harris, 8% for Bernie Sanders and 7% for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with other mentions in the low single digits. Just “someone else” comes in at 20%.

Isgur’s now deleted comment via This Week transcript:


RADDATZ: Sarah, should they be panicking?

ISGUR: The economy’s been getting better and Joe Biden’s numbers have been getting worse. That tells you something about what the American people are trying to tell these pollsters. Set aside the individual questions. The Democratic Party, though, has a really serious problem, which is, there’s no one on the bench. You know, you look more on that poll. Do you want Harris to be the nominee? No. Do you want Buttigieg? No. Someone else got 20 percent. The Democrats have had a historically weak bench for the last 10-plus years. It’s because everyone’s Joe Biden’s age. So, there’s no one to replace Biden on the ticket. And so they’re stuck with him a little bit. And his numbers keep going down and his appearances keep getting worse.

A video clip of Isgur’s remarks was posted with this caption, “ABC News contributor @whignewtons on the Democratic party: “The Democrats have had a historically weak bench for the last 10-plus years because everyone is Joe Biden’s age … there’s no one to replace him on the ticket and they’re stuck with him.”” The video was later deleted after criticism from Democrats and their supporters like Bill Kristol.

Screen image:

MSBC’s Chris Hayes, “I mean this is just obviously and flatly untrue on the age/bench question: Whitmer, Shapiro, Pritzker, Warnock, Newsome, etc…”

Bill Kristol posted a list of not ready for prime time Democrats in response, unintentionally proving Isgur’s point:

Democrat activist Victor Shi, “& yes I’m responding to Sarah Isgur who suggested on ABC News today that somehow Democrats don’t have anyone lined up beyond Joe Biden. I’m sorry, but what? Has she done any research? I could go on and on. Absolutely terrible take & so wildly false of an opinion…Here’s that take. I mean, are you kidding me? How out of touch do you have to be to not realize the amazingly talented young and diverse pool of democrats out there in line after Joe Biden? And then to give this person a contract on ABC is absurd & revolting. Do better ABC.”

This video of Isgur on This Week from a week ago is still up for now:

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