Report Reveals How the Biden Regime is Desperately Working to Keep Old Joe from Suffering More Embarrassing Falls Ahead of the 2024 Election

This is certainly not a report the White House wants you to read because it reminds us of one of Joe Biden’s greatest vulnerabilities: his age.

Axios on Tuesday revealed how the White House is desperately working to prevent more disastrous falls by Biden ahead of the 2024 Presidential election.

As the Gateway Pundit has previously reported, Biden has suffered several awful falls since assuming power back in January 2021. Arguably his two most infamous collapses came back in June when he took a nasty spill after delivering a commencement speech at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and back in March 2021 when he cratered several times while trying to board Air Force One.

Axios reveals that Biden working with physical therapist Drew Contreras to perform various exercises meant to improve what is left of his balance. Contreras has referred to these as “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers,” which created some understandable confusion.

Professor James Gordon, associate dean and chair of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California, says he had no idea what Contreras was talking about.

I have never heard the term “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers.” It is not a clinical term in standard use.

Axios also admits that it is unknown what these so-called maneuvers actually entail. Whatever these so-called exercises are called, they have not stopped Biden from falling almost flat on his face.

Seemingly realizing this, the White House has had Biden wear tennis shoes far more often, believing that a change in footwear will provide decrepit Joe with better traction.

Moreover, he has also been using shorter stairs on Air Force One and is entering the plane on a lower deck than before. The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor first reported on Biden using shorter stairs to avoid further national humiliation.

But Cristina Laila also noted back in July these stairs still proved a grave challenge for the 80-year-old Biden. He was seen stumbling and then bracing himself before flying out of Helsinki back in July.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates was quite piqued that this information leaked out to the public and sought to falsely dismiss it as old news in an interview with Axios. He also attempted to gaslight the public on Biden’s horrible economic record.

This isn’t new. It was proactively and transparently disclosed in a 2021 report from the president’s doctor and again this year.

This article fits an unfortunate pattern of media attempting to sensationalize something that has long been public, rather than covering the president’s very real achievements for hardworking Americans.

Axios reports that the White House believes that any mockery Biden gets over using the shortened steps and wearing tennis shoes will be pale in comparison to what he would receive if he fell again.

Good luck with that.

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