Halloween Display Showing Jesus Decapitated Sparks Protests In New Orleans

A controversial Halloween display that depicts Satan holding a decapitated head of Jesus has sparked protests in New Orleans.

Vic Miorana of Bucktown which is part of the New Orleans Metropolitan area, has members of his community in an uproar after he raised a two-story display of a bloodied Jesus decapitated on the cross in his front yard.

After receiving calls to take down the display Miorana refused and said “It’s over the principle. I have my rights and I refuse to back down.”

He continued  “Religious churches and things scare people, they make you uncomfortable and they pull a different reaction, but it’s nothing you don’t see in a scary movie, video games or a haunted house.”

In response to Miorana refusing to take down his display many members of churches all over Louisiana have been protesting outside of his house.



Vic Miorana of Bucktown begins mapping out his Halloween decorations months in advance, spending thousands of dollars and countless hours carving tombstones, creating bloody organs and molding creepy masks.

Six weeks before the holiday, this year’s work has already hit a nerve. That’s because towering over his yard is a two-story display of a blood-stained Satan holding the severed head of Jesus above a crucifix where the rest of His bloodied body hangs.

For Miorana, the scene is an attempt to delve into the holiday’s scarier side. But the display has provoked outrage from some neighbors who say he has crossed the line from spooky to blasphemous.

Despite threats and complaints from nearby residents, Miorana said he will not remove the display.


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