OUTRAGEOUS! 95-Year-Old Veteran Becomes Homeless After NYC Nursing Home Room Given to Illegal Alien (VIDEO)

A 95-year-old veteran became homeless after his nursing home room was given to an illegal alien.

Frank Tammaro, a Korean War veteran, was told to leave his nursing home room at Island Shores Senior Residence to make room for an illegal alien.

“The thing I’m annoyed about is how they did it, it was very disgraceful what they did to the people in Island Shores,” Tammaro said.

“Then one day there was a notice on the board. I think that gave us a month and a half to find out where we were going to go,” he said. “I thought my suitcases were going to be on the curb because I’m not that fast.”

“If it wasn’t for my daughter, they would’ve been on the curb. That was it. I said, ‘No, no, no, no, you’re not moving me,’ and they said, ‘Yes, yes, yes we are.’ Everything was done behind closed doors – we didn’t have a chance to actually make any attempt to stop them because there wasn’t enough time.”


Excerpt from Fox News:

A 95-year-old Korean War veteran said he was given less than two months’ notice to figure out where he was going to live after the nursing home he resided in was sold to become a facility for undocumented migrants.

Veteran Frank Tammaro joined Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., a vocal critic of New York City’s handling of the migrant crisis, at a press conference on Monday to discuss the reported deal.

He said that Island Shores “gave us time to get out,” but not enough time to protest the decision to boot residents – which Tammaro said he tried to do.

New York City Councilman David Carr confirmed to local outlet SI Live that he was informed by the city’s Department of Social Services that the migrant facility would open there this week. Fox News Digital reached out to the Department of Social Services for confirmation but did not immediately hear back on Tuesday.

Fox News Digital’s attempt to contact a number associated with Island Shores Senior Residence could not be completed. The facility is listed as “permanently closed” online.

Malliotakis said the reported deal was “showing our country and our city’s priorities are backwards.”

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