Polling Shows Bipartisan Opposition to Biden’s Open Border Policy

New polling indicates that voters on both sides are not happy about Biden’s open border policy.

The recent bump in polls for Trump was described as an outlier by some liberals in media, but the border issue could be driving Trump’s numbers up and Biden’s numbers down.

The open border issue is now reaching every part of the country and no one is happy about it.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll Shows Record Bipartisan Opposition to Biden’s Open Border

A burst of new polls shows record bipartisan opposition to President Joe Biden’s wealth-shifting open borders policy.

Biden’s bad numbers are expanding the GOP’s so-far unused opportunity to win swing voters by offering a non-partisan, sympathy pitch about the pocketbook costs and civic damage of Biden’s migration.

Biden got a 23 percent approval rating for his border policy, according to a September 15-20 poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News. Sixty-four percent declared opposition to Biden’s policies.

The poll shows an eight-point shift since February 2023, when Biden had 28 percent support and 59 percent opposition.

The opposition was so negative that the Post‘s pollster did not ask or show how many people “strongly” support Biden’s policies.

A CBS poll showed that 55 percent of voters want Biden to be “Tougher on immigrants trying to cross at the border.” The September 5-8 poll showed that just 15 percent prefer an “easier” policy. The poll showed just 34 percent approval for Biden’s migration policy, with 66 percent disapproval.

Won’t it be ironic if this is the issue that ends up taking Biden down?

These numbers are only going to get worse for Biden as the problem at the border continues.

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