Woman Who Burned Wyoming Abortion Clinic Faces 20 Years Prison Today

Lorna Roxanne Green, age 22, is facing 20 years in federal prison at her sentencing today for burning the Wellspring Health Access facility, an abortion clinic that kills unborn children, in Casper Wyoming on May 25, 2022.

At her plea hearing on July 20 she regretted her actions and took full responsibility. Green said that “anxiety and nightmares” led her to set fire to the building.

Damage from the fire kept the facility from reopening for almost a year. There are roughly 140 abortions that kill babies per year in Wyoming.

Green was a nearby pro-life college student. Investigators say she broke a window in the building, filled aluminum baking pans with gasoline and set them on fire. The facility was closed at the time and scheduled to open a few weeks later. No one was hurt from the fire.

Wyoming had passed a ban on abortions but state judge Melissa Owens has stopped the enforcement within days of the law going into effect so that pro-abortion interest groups can challenge the law in court.

Judge Melissa Owens

Owens was appointed to the court in December 2021 by Republican Governor Mark Gordon. The Judge claimed in her decision stopping the enforcement of the abortion ban that banning abortion constituted a first amendment violation by establishing a religion and, separately, by interfering in healthcare decisions even though abortion is not healthcare.

There are a reported 807 abortion clinics in America performing roughly 620,327 surgical abortions per year.


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