Victor Reacts: Is it Possible to Be That Dumb? Bowman Doubles Down on Fire Alarm Excuse (VIDEO)

Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman has doubled down on claims that he thought the “FIRE ALARM” would open the door.

As the Gateway Pundit reported,

Communist Rep. Jamaal Bowman on Monday seemed unbothered as a reporter asked him if he’s afraid of any repercussions after he committed a crime and pulled the fire alarm in an effort to shut down a Congressional proceeding on Saturday.

Insurrectionist Bowman was caught on camera pulling the fire alarm in the Cannon building after Democrats unsuccessfully tried to adjourn the House of Representatives and go home hours before a government shutdown on Saturday evening.

Jamaal Bowman released a lame excuse on Saturday. He knows he will get away with this crime. He hates the American people.

I want to personally clear up confusion surrounding today’s events. Today, as I was rushing to make a vote, I came to a door that is usually open for votes but today would not open. I am embarrassed to admit that I activated the fire alarm, mistakenly thinking it would open the door. I regret this and sincerely apologize for any confusion this caused.

But I want to be very clear, this was not me, in any way, trying to delay any vote. It was the exact opposite — I was trying urgently to get to a vote, which I ultimately did and joined my colleagues in a bipartisan effort to keep our government open. I also met after the vote with the Sergeant at Arms and the Capitol Police, at their request, and explained what had happened. My hope is that no one will make more of this than it was. I am working hard every day, including today, to do my job, to do it well, and deliver for my constituents.

Peace and Love.

The way I see it, there are two options. First is that he is lying and pulled the alarm to obstruct the official proceedings of congress and is thus an insurrectionist by the left’s own standard. Second is that he is genuinely that dumb and read “FIRE ALARM” and assumed that was fancy talk for “door knob.”


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