TikTok Totalitarianism: Maduro’s Ministers Take a Stab at Authoritarian Choreography


In an unexpected move, Venezuelan communist dictator Nicolás Maduro has instructed key members of his authoritarian regime to join the Chinese social media platform TikTok. The controversial app, restricted in several countries and accused of data collection for the Chinese Communist Party, became the focus of Maduro’s directive.

The order was issued during the latest broadcast of Maduro’s weekly television program, “With Maduro More.” The initiative aims to broaden the dissemination of information favorable to the communist regime established by Hugo Chávez.

Among those summoned by the dictator are Jorge Rodríguez, President of the National Assembly; Diosdado Cabello, Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and alleged drug lord; and other members of the ministerial cabinet. Their mission is to share the “progress” of the socialist government on TikTok.

Maduro emphasized the importance of Chavistas on the Chinese platform sharing “aesthetic, creative, and humorous content.” According to him, the strategy is not only to promote the government’s image but also to navigate potential censorship.

In his words: “That’s what I say, comrades. Imagine if the 6,500 militants have TikTok accounts. We break censorship and veto now, and we win the battle against lies, evil, hatred, and fascism.”

This development comes amid the spread of “Militant Cafés” by the PSUV, a recent trend involving meetings in homes, public spaces, or government offices. During these gatherings, participants share a coffee while engaging in socialist lectures, strengthening organization, unity, and revolutionary awareness.

The “Militant Cafés” also serve as an opportunity for adherents to reaffirm their commitment to the legacy of the late socialist dictator Hugo Chávez, posthumously referred to by the Maduro regime as the “Supreme and Eternal Commander of the Revolution.”

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