Legal Expert Says New York Bar Should be Embarrassed by Letitia James

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The New York State bar association should be embarrassed by the antics of Letitia James, the attorney general who pledged during her campaign for office to “get” President Donald Trump.

She right now is fighting in court to destroy his business empire, by claiming fraud, even though there’s been no evidence of any unpaid loans, investors who were hurt or banks that lost money.

In a report at Fox News Jonathan Turley, the George Washington University law professor who has testified many times before Congress, and even has represented members of Congress, unleashed the criticism.

Turley cited James’ campaign pledge to sue Trump and reportedly be a “real pain in the a—” to him.

That should be considered an embarrassment, he said.

Fox reported, “Turley told ‘Hannity’ on Wednesday that he previously criticized James while she was running for office in 2018 after she made such boasts and pledges about litigiously pursuing Trump.”

He cited the obvious “serious ethical problems with a prosecutor really trying to secure office on the pledge to nail one person.”

And he called James’ claims at the time a “trophy pledge” to “bag” her target.

The lawyer noted James had failed to cite a criminal or civil offense for which she would attack Trump.

”In a montage of clips played by host Sean Hannity, James previously referenced threats to ‘fundamental rights,’ Trump’s ‘abuses’ and an interest in finding whether the then-president ‘laundered money,’” the report said.

Turley said, “[N]ot mentioning what he might be charged with, [James said] I’m just going to charge him with something.”

He said the New York bar should see her comments, and her, as “an embarrassment.”

He described James’ actions as the “recreational use of the laws to pursue unpopular persons.”

He accused James of being “selective” in isolating Trump and his company, since James has expressed no desire to pursue Democrats who have exhibited similar conduct.

”She’s really developed the signature that she will use all of the levers of her office to go against political opponents,” Turley said.

He said she’s taking advantage of a novel legal scenario in New York, which unlike other states does not require “intent-to-defraud” or loss by financial institutions to attack a business.

And he confirmed the “valuations” of Trump properties, “cited by Judge Arthur Engoron are incorrect, and that no entity was financially hurt in any of the relevant transactions, and claimed Palm Beach County officials or experts also disagree with the figures cited by the judge,” the report said.

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