(VIDEO) “Israel is At War, And The United States MUST Support Israel” – Trump Addresses Israel Attack and “Weak” Joe Biden’s Failures While Speaking in Iowa, Vows to Cut Off Funding to Palestinian Terrorists

President Trump spoke out on Joe Biden’s betrayal of Isreal on Saturday, saying he will “stick with Israel and strongly” in the war perpetrated by Hamas following a major surprise attack on Israel.  

This assault comes just weeks after Joe Biden sent $6 billion to Iran in September.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump released an official statement this morning condemning the attacks and stating that Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force.

“We brought so much peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords only to see Biden whittle it away at a far more rapid pace than anyone thought possible,” said President Trump while crediting Biden for funding the terrorist attacks. “Here we go again,” Trump added.

The last time the US gave stacks of money to Iran, during the Obama years, Iran launched a massive military build-up.

This time, it took four weeks before Iran’s proxy army in Gaza launched a historic military assault on Israel on the Sabbath. The Jerusalem Post is now reporting that the Taliban has requested free passage across Iran to assist Hamas in Gaza in its war on Israel.

The OBiden Regime’s mess will be a lot harder to clean up this time around.

While speaking at a massive campaign event in Waterloo, Iowa, earlier today, Trump again slammed Joe Biden’s “weak and ineffective” leadership that caused this attack.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Trump’s doubleheader in Iowa, starting with an event in Waterloo at 2pm CT. What was supposed to be a small caucus training and speaking event turned into a massive, full-blown, max-capacity rally with standing room only. Trump is expected to mop the floor with the RINOs in the Republican Primary. 

President Trump was on fire while speaking to massive in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Watch highlights from his Waterloo event this afternoon here:

WATCH: Highlights From President Trump’s Campaign Event in Waterloo, Iowa: Trump Slams “Legitimate Dummy” Joe Biden, His Weak Threats and His Beach Body – “It’s Not a Pretty Sight!” (VIDEO)

RSBN reports,

“Joe Biden betrayed Israel – he betrayed our country,” Trump stated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday evening, addressing the savage war that Hamas terrorists have launched against Israel.

The president continued, “As president, I will once again stand with Israel and we will cut off the money to Palestinian terrorists on day one.”

Trump called Biden a “poor sack of a president” and sadly predicted that he would lead the country into World War III, noting that we’ve “never been” closer.

“He tweaks the wrong people at the wrong time, he says the wrong thing at the wrong time if he says anything at all,” Trump remarked.

The 45th president also called the invasion of Hamas into Israeli territory “an act of savagery” that must be “crushed and avenged.”

“Israel is at war, and the United States MUST support Israel,” he pledged.

During his evening event in Cedar Rapids, Trump said, “Joe Biden betrayed Israel” and America as he vowed to “cut off the money to Palestinian terrorists on day one.”

More from Waterloo below:

Trump: The Hamas terrorist invasion of Israeli territory, and the murder of Israeli soldiers today, and the brutal murder of citizens is an act of savagery that must and will be crushed; it has to be. It has to be dealt with very powerfully. This is a time when the United States needs leadership, and we don’t have leadership. But Israel is at war, and the United States, obviously, is going to stick with Israel and strongly. 

The war happened for two reasons: The United States is giving, and gave to Iran, six billion dollars, six billion, over hostages, over hostages, and you know, there was a very good trade. They got five hostages, we got five hostages, okay. That’s the good news… It was five for five, but in addition to that, we agreed to free up six billion dollars, and that is an absolute disaster. And I would not be at all surprised if part of that tremendous wealth that they just accumulated went into all of a sudden watching this level of aggression. They didn’t have that level of aggression with me. They didn’t have it. This would have never happened with me. It all wouldn’t have happened.

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