WHOA: Kevin McCarthy Refuses to Rule Out Serving Again as Speaker During Interview

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Just when you thought America was done with former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, he opened the door to returning to his old job on Monday.

McCarthy previously said he would not run again as Speaker, seemingly closing off any avenue to a possible return.

As the Hill reported, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt asked McCarthy whether he would be open to serving as Speaker again if the House was unable to decide on a replacement. The Gateway Pundit previously reported the House GOP scheduled a new speaker election for this Wednesday.

McCarthy would not say no.

Look, the conference has to make that decision. I’m still a member. I’m going to continue to fight and act.

Hewitt pressed McCarthy once more whether he would be willing to return as Speaker if the eight Republicans who opposed him backed off. The former Speaker again refused to rule out the possibility.

Look, whatever the conference wants, I will do. I think we need to be strong. I think we need to be united.

The eight, in my view, don’t look to be — it was a personal thing.

McCarthy also blasted the rebel Republicans who voted against the GOP-only stopgap proposal to fund the federal government. He then defended his surrender to the Democrats on the final bill.

They’re the ones who wanted a government shutdown. We wouldn’t be paying our troops while we’re putting out a carrier strike fighter there – 30,000 American men and women in our armed services in the Middle East wouldn’t be being paid right now?

I mean, what weakness would we be at?

The Hill notes that a handful of Republicans, including California congressmen John Duarte and Tom McClintock, have said McCarthy should be reinstated as Speaker, especially in light of the war in Israel launched by Hamas.

TGP’s Jordan Conradson previously reported Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate the chair against House McCarthy passed after a vote on the House Floor last Tuesday. This officially removed him as Speaker of the House.

Cristina Laila then revealed Rep. Patrick McHenry, a McCarthy ally, was appointed as acting Speaker.

There was also a report from Politico that McCarthy was considering resigning from the House. Jim Hoft noted the former Speaker later denied the report and announced he planned to seek re-election.

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