12 North Carolina Democrats Walk Out as NC House Votes for Resolution Urging Congress to Support Israel

Image Courtesy of North Carolina General Assembly

On Tuesday, the North Carolina House voted unanimously for House Resolution 897 which urges Congress to support Israel after the terrorist attack by Hamas that targeted innocent civilians.

While the resolution passed unanimously, a group of a group of 12 House Democrats walked out of the chamber rather than vote on the resolution.

The Carolina Journal shared the names of the Democrats who could not stomach voting against terrorism:

The official House record records the following Democrats as “not voting”: Rep. John Autry of Mecklenburg County; Rep. Amber Baker, Forsyth; Rep. Gloristine Brown, Pitt; Rep. Kanika Brown, Forsyth; Rep. Maria Cervania, Wake; Rep. Terence Everitt, Wake; Rep. Pricey Harrison, Guilford; Rep. Nasif Majeed, Mecklenburg; Rep. Marcia Morey, Durham; Rep. Renee Price, Orange; Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, Cabarrus ; and Rep. Julie von Haefen, Wake.

House Resolution 897 reads:


Whereas, on October 7, 2023, the terrorist organization Hamas launched an unprovoked attack on Israeli civilians; and

Whereas, innocent men, women, and children have been captured and killed by Hamas terrorists; and

Whereas, Israel declared war against Hamas on Sunday, October 8, 2023; and

Whereas, Israel and the United States of America are close friends and allies thanks to the 75-year partnership between our two countries, built on mutual interests and shared democratic values; Now, therefore,
Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

SECTION 1. The United States Congress is urged to offer full and unequivocal support of Israel financially and otherwise for as long as it takes for Israel to bring justice in light of the unprovoked attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.

SECTION 2. This resolution is effective upon adoption.

Twelve Democrats could not bring themselves to vote in support of Israel against terrorists that launched over 5,000 missiles into Israel,  killed at least 900 Israelis, wounded over 2,500 more, kidnapped dozens of innocent civilians , slaughtered young people at a dance party, murdered babies and committed a tragically exhaustive list of atrocities.

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