Chicago Residents Express Concerns Over New Migrant Shelter for Single, Adult Men

Chicago continues to face overwhelming challenges with the influx of illegals thanks to Joe Biden’s broken border.

In the West Town area of Chicago, residents shared concerns over news that 200 illegals will be placed in their neighborhood. Presenting even more concern, the shelter is being established solely for single, adult men.

Fox 32 Chicago reports:

“Do we know the criminal backgrounds on these people?” one community member asked.

“We are not keeping track of every single person that comes through, but those that have crossed through the border, through CBP, have been screened,” a city official responded.


“We have babies that go to that park every day and we rely on that park,” one woman said of the nearby Smith Park.

“Why is this shelter focusing on single men at a location that is across the street from a liquor store and two blocks from a park?” asked another resident.

More and more communities are watching officials put illegals ahead of residents.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the city’s plans to convert a youth football field into a shelter for illegals.

Residents, which included children impacted by the decision, attended a community meeting to show their disapproval of the decision.

Residents in the South Shore community of Chicago filed a lawsuit on September 26th to stop the city from housing illegals in public buildings such as police stations and schools.

The lawsuit argues that the use of public buildings to house illegals is a nuisance to the community and the city is also violating zoning ordinances by using public areas.

Additionally, the suit calls for an audit of city funding used for illegals and related housing.


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