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‘This Is Only Going To Make Us Fight Harder…We Need To Beat Them!’: J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola Tells TGP What Really Happened on January 6th – And Doesn’t Hold Back

Dominic Pezzola, the Proud Boy who famously pumped his fist in the air and yelled “Trump won and you all know it!” moments after Judge Timothy Kelly sentenced him to 10 years in federal prison, details how the protests against the stolen presidential election on January 6, 2021 was “a complete set-up, in a phone call from jail.

“There was no plan [for insurrection]. Everyone knows there was no plan,” Pezzola scathed in an interview with independent journalist Jenn Baker before he was transferred from the DC gulag to a Philadelphia jail, where inmates are reportedly “packed like sardines.”

Asked about the prospects of his appeal, Pezzola confessed he has no faith left in the judicial system or Congress.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t come down to appeals…because I really believe and hope that President Trump gets back in,” the honorably discharged Marine Corps infantryman said. “Everyone needs to stay strong. They give you 10 years, they give you 20 years — whatever — you leave the courtroom and say ya know what? Trump won…You aren’t gonna get me to change my views.”

In a fired-up discussion over the abomination of the First Amendment and due process under the Biden regime, Pezzola assured he is not done fighting the state-run narrative and exposing how he and the leaders of the Proud Boys did nothing to deserve egregious sentences following the rigged trial.

Pezzola’s co-defendants, Enrique Tarrio, was sentenced to 22 years, the longest sentence of any J6 defendant to date despite the fact that he was not in Washington, DC during the Capitol riot while Ethan Nordean was sentenced to 18 years, Joseph Biggs 17 years and Zachary Rehl 15 years despite committing no violent crimes on January 6. They merely walked through the Capitol building for less than 20 minutes and took selfies.

“I’m pissed off — I’m pissed!” he continued. “You’re not going to find any of us sad or heartbroken or defeated. No. We’re just pissed off and all this is doing is it’s going to make us fight harder.

“[The government] wanted an armed insurrection. Our federal government is run by a bunch of insane lefties…If you love The Constitution you are their enemy.”


J6 prisoners Jonathan Mellis and Sean McHugh,  weighed in on the criminal prosecution of protesters as they sat alongside Pezzola during the interview.

 “Dom is a good man. He’s a good guy,” Mellis asserted.

“He served his country with honor and has a wife and family, kids” McHugh chimed in.

Baker launched the “Flip the Switch” podcast with the sole intent of combating the lies disseminated about J6ers by mainstream media.

“Dominic continues to say many things about the narrative of that day,” Baker told TGP. “His anger is palatable and yet dwarfed by his knowledge and absolute truth that these five men, leaders of the Proud Boys, along with the 150-plus men who are incarcerated for protesting are being set up by our government and the Justice Department continues to double down on its persecution of American patriots.”

“We also spoke about Ray Epps’ role in what happened that day.  Epps stood beside Pezzola and McHugh during the riot and they were both also surrounded by Antifa members Those Prosecutors are fighting for lower sentences of J6 defendants affiliated with Antifa members, while Pezzola gets 10 years. Ray Epps was charged two and a half years after J6 and charged with just one misdemeanor.”


Dominic’s daughter has created an illustration of her father in the courtroom on the day of his sentencing. It is Dom with his fist in the air shouting “Trump Won”. This drawing has been put on t-shirts and are being sold at www.Freedominic.com and proceeds will go towards Dominic’s legal fund.


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